2023 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Contest Winners.

Contest #1 Cover, Sponsored by: BTP

1st place: Broom Flyers Tales and Spells – R.H. Burkett
2nd place: Portal to the Other Side – Allison Harris
3rd place: The Key – Autumn Shelly
Honorable mention: Tierney James

Contest #2 Audiobook, Sponsored by: BTP

1st place: The Ominous Trail – JC Fields
2nd place: Nuera II – Henry Sipes

Contest #3, Sponsored by: Lori Copland

The Best First Page of a Romance Novel

1st place: Rescued by Love – Jamie Cole w/a (Ann Stang)
2nd place: Fred and Wilma – R.H. Burkett
3rd place: Mail Order Husband – Annie Lisenby
Honorable mention:  Better Late Than Never – Wanita Humphrey

Contest #4, Sponsored by: Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers

Best First Paragraph

1st place: Sins of the Mother – Lori Robinet
2nd place: The Client – Wanita Humphrey
3rd place: Blood Test – Allie Harris
Honorable mention: The Free Way – Annie Lisenby        

Contest #5: Sponsored by: Critique Me Friday Critique Partners

Word Prompt

1st place: The Support Group – Jamie Cole
2nd place: Show at the Creek – JB Nicholson
3rd place: Bubba Wu’s Zen Garden Retreat – Tierney James
Honorable mention: Just My Luck – Brigitte Wiegert

Contest #6: Sponsored by: Ozarks Romance Authors

Under the Full Moon Picture Prompt

1st place: No Marketing Required – Dayna Ault
2nd place: No Lifeguard on Duty – Jamie Cole
3rd place: Is There an App for Embarrassment – Brigette Wiegert
Honorable mention: Those First Years – JB Nicholson

Contest #7: Sponsored by: Springfield Writers’ Guild

The 26-sentence ABC Challenge.

1st place: Memories of the Land – Laura Redford
2nd place: Alphabetical Interrogation- Brigitte Wiegert
3rd place: The Butler Did It – Wanita Humphrey
Honorable mention: Tom Barton’s Dream – Jackie Barrow

Contest #8: Sponsored by: SWG Speculative Fiction Genre Group

Transport Me

1st place: Eye of the Beholder – R. H. Burket
2nd place: Lyric’s Reckoning – Autumn Shelly
3rd place: Keeper of the Pages – Diana Admire
Honorable mention:  The Lacuna – Jamie Cole w/a Ann Stang

Contest #9: SWG Thriller Genre Group


Best Opening Punch: Love and War – Brigitte Wiegert
Best Opening Line: The Scavenger’s Revenge – Annie Lisenby
Best Over All Story: Love and War – Brigitte Wiegert

Contest #10 CW Indie Press

Essay if I won 500 million dollars I would
1st place: Hold My Beer – R.H. Burkett
2nd place: Looking for Answers – Laura Lewis
Honorable mention: Be the Miracle – Brigitte Wiegert