Dear Authors and Readers,

After much discussion, the Between the Pages board has come to the difficult decision to postpone the conference to 2021 out of a concern for public health and safety. Current projections have Missouri peaking in mid-to-late May in terms of COVID-19 diagnoses, but that’s a moving target, and peaking is not synonymous with ending. Even assuming everything is cleared up by the end of May (which is highly unlikely), we feel it would be irresponsible to host an event with a large number of people in an enclosed space for hours on end. Likewise, we believe that many attendees would be uneasy about attending for this reason, and we want all our attendees to be focused on our excellent programming rather than worrying about the possible spread and resurgence of the most severe health crisis the world has seen in more than a century.
With the bad news, we have some good. Nearly all of our speakers, including keynote Steven James, have agreed to the new dates. The conference we promised will be delivered, just a year later than we anticipated.
To this end, we offer the following options for everyone who has already signed up: 

  • Your registration fees and any associated extras will be applied to the 2021 conference, so your seat is saved, and we’ll see you next year.


  • A full refund of registration fees and any associated extras (must be claimed by April 30, 2020). After April 30, a partial refund will be issued upon request. The reason for the expiration date on refund requests is due to PayPal. Requests issued after April 30 will penalize BTP, so please ask ASAP so we can process your refund as quickly as possible.

Please email btpwriterscon@gmail.com with any questions or to inform us what you would like us to do regarding your registration status.
Thank you to everyone for understanding and helping us do our part to protect public health and safety.
The Between the Pages Board